Who We Are

A family is more than it's history. A church is more than a building and more than its beliefs. Here at Hickory Valley Christian Church, we are a diverse family committed to leading more and more people to a life-changing connection with Jesus Christ. 


We have experienced the amazing love of Jesus and it has changed, is changing, and will continue to change each person who walks through our entrance. The value of knowing and following Jesus is what motivates us each day to continue bringing more people into their own connection with him. As we change, we begin to love others more, seek to serve them, and see their needs met.

Values, mission, vision

Bringing In

Through our service and our outreach to our community, we seek to attract Chattanooga into our family. By providing needed services both inside our building and in the community, we hope to show Jesus' deep love in practical ways that cause people to be curious and want to discover that love for themselves. You are invited.


Everyone needs community. Whoever we meet is someone who wants to belong, to be a part of something, whether it's a family or a movement. One of our goals is to have a place for everyone to feel safe, to share their life, and to build relationships. You have a place here.

Building up

Growth is a part of being human, emotionally, mentally, physically. We seek to provide the space and resources for each person to grow closer to God, in relationship with others, in their talents and skills, and in their ability to impact the community. We do this through groups that meet at our campus and in homes on Sundays and throughout the week. You can grow and flourish here.

Sending Out

Following Jesus' example, we have a heart for serving the people around us, whether inside our walls, in the community around us, or in the world at large. We have a multitude of opportunities for everyone to become part of the amazing movement of love begun by Jesus. Be prepared for your service to produce something great as God works through you to change the world around you.