SMall Groups

We have several different small groups meeting each week to help develop our relationships with God and each other.  Some meet in homes, some at our building, some are for specific ages or stages, and some are for anyone and everyone.

Sunday Morning Groups meet at 9:00am each week. There are groups for teens, preteens, children, and nursery care available during this time as well!

Wednesday nights during the Fall and Spring groups meet to explore how Scripture applies to daily life. Several classes and small groups available afterwards starting at 6:30.  Groups for teens, preteens, children, and nursery care are available, as well!

For more info on our current groups see the below list or please email or call the office / 423-892-4270 or contact any of our staff.

Current On-Campus Adult Small Groups

The Seekers - Andy Kendle (Sunday 9am)

The Seekers are a group of spiritually hungry people helping each other find bread designed especially for adults looking for a spiritual challenge.

Current Topic:  Sermon on the Mount. Beginning in June The Seekers will study Marriage with Francis Chan.

Adult Bible Study - David Marckel (Sunday 9am)

You are welcome to join this open bible study group that focuses on biblical themes by spending time in different books of the bible, making observations and practical applications while sharing thoughts, stories and questions about what we discuss. This is a group for all adults (individuals and married couples alike) who are looking for a ‘semi-serious’ bible study study, but not too deep…

Current Topic: the Gospel According to Luke, followed by the Book of Acts

Leaders - Jay Bartley/Dale Kendle (Sunday 9am)

The Leaders are a mixed group of adults and senior adults who are interested in diving in verse-by-verse into books of the Bible to better understand what God has to say to us today.

Current Topic: Acts of the Apostles

The Family Class - Truman Atkins (Sunday 9am)

The Family Class is a group dedicated to sharing the love of Christ with one another, being faithful servants, reaching out to the community, and caring for those in need. We want others to experience Christ’s love and devotion by our words and actions. This group is particularly geared toward adult couples and singles age 40 and up.

Current Topic: Revelation

Foundations - Adam Bryan (Sunday 9am)

Foundations is a group of younger married couples that studies God's word to help direct our paths through marriage, children, and other unique life challenges our age group encounters. This group is specifically tailored to younger married couples. It doesn't matter if you've been married for 1 month or 20 years our class has something for everyone.

Current Topic: How one's career/job might be the greatest ministry opportunity. We are looking at how God uses our work to bless others, as well as, ourselves. Starting on June 18th, this group will take a look at how to share the gospel and how to be equipped when confronted with opposition.

Life 411 - Linda Marckel (Sunday 9am)

This is a group for adults past high school age into their twenties that meets weekly for bible study, fellowship, prayer, and service.

Current Topic: "Happy" by Andy Stanley followed by the Book of Luke

Men’s Wednesday Night Workshop - Philip Cooper (Wednesday 6:30pm)

A group of men trying to improve—together—using honesty as our guide directed to all ages of men. We seek to train the young, challenge the mature, and encourage the experienced to lead the young.

Current Topic: the Authentic Manhood series, which pushes for introspection, brotherhood, accountability, and change. 

Wednesday Night Traditional Bible Study - Paul Hamm (Wednesday 6:30pm)

This is a group for adults that focuses primarily on verse-by-verse study of books of the Bible in order to better understand what God's Word has to say to us today.

Current Topic: Acts of the Apostles

Current Off-Campus Small Groups